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Blood Bank Centrifuge

Silent centrifuge for 12 tubes (10 x 75 mm or 12 x 75 mm)

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a month ago
lid lock
How to replace the lid lock Reply


-Daniel Dufault
4 years ago
Bio-Rad DiaCent-CW cell washer: Tilt vibration alarm impossible to fix
Hello, on our Bio-Rad DiaCent-CW cell washer: I get a "Tilt vibration detected" alarm, and could not fix or adjust it. I tried to remove the vibration detector, to perform the vibration detector adjustment (potentiometer underneath the unit) and the tilt sensor adjustment (on-screen procedure), but the alarm remains once in a while. Bio-rad suggests I replace the main pcb, What do you think? Thank you for your help.Reply


5 years ago
service manual required
Hi guys Thought I should go to the brains trust on this to try and find a DiaCent CW manual. Let me know if you have any inside lines on this. ===== Hi guys Phil is working on some of the Red Cross Cell Washers and we are trying to find a technical manual for the Diacent-CW Cell washer system. It is giving us the "Tilt Vibration" Error and we are not sure how to adjust, configure this, cannot find any info anywhere. Can I get you all to let me know if you have had had any experience with this before or if you can track down some service and technical information for these units as I cannot find any. If you have any inside contacts check with them as well if you can, even if we can find out how to get into service mode or similar. The DiaCent-CW has been under both the Biorad and Diamed names.Reply
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  • Adjustable parameters or 10 different programmes   
  • Speed, time and functions are displayed in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese


Maximum Speed3000 rpm
Height18 cm
Length 32 cm
Weight4.8 kg
Width26 cm
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