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Facility and equipment maintenance can be complex!

The big idea behind TruAsset came from the need to better adapt to the changing field of Healthcare and the governing agencies they fall under. There are rules these groups define that off the shelf software packages can not accommodate. This requires a combination of electronic records along with paper records to keep everything in compliance. TruAsset started off as an HTM company from the beginning, rather then some other industry that was modified to meet a need. They understand the complexities of Field service of medical equipment as well as the inner workings of a hospital. For more details visit and request a demo.

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6 years ago

Tru*Asset is a SAS service for HTM and Clinical Engineering in a Hospital Environment. Our product allows tracking of Assets, Work Orders, PM Schedules, POs, and parts.





  • Work Order Tracking             
  • Asset Tracking             
  • PO Tracking             
  • Invoice Tracking             
  • Automated AEM Calculations             
  • Automated Incident Escalation             
  • Contract Management and responsibility tracking             
  • Security Guard Rounds

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