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Asset Reliability Platform

eMaint delivers ground-breaking asset reliability platforms that will help organizations increase uptime with a seamless integration of maintenance tools and software solutions.     
The power of eMaint’s CMMS software, combined with Fluke’s world-renowned testing and calibration equipment, offers the opportunity to unlock even greater solutions. With Fluke and eMaint, customers have even greater power to simplify complex workflows.     
Within eMaint’s CMMS system, you can work the way you want to work without feeling constrained by your software. We understand that every industry, company and department are different – you use different terminology, have different processes in place, comply to different regulations, and so on.     
eMaint makes it easy to configure your CMMS to fit your needs. eMaint’s robust CMMS software empowers organizations to define and configure filters, layouts, fields, field properties, tables, colors and themes, workflows, dashboards, and record displays.     
eMaint’s simple and intuitive CMMS interface makes managing maintenance easy for team members at all levels and roles, from maintenance technicians to upper management.     
With eMaint’s mobile CMMS solution, technicians can view and close out work orders from the field, making it easy to complete work on-the-go. The maintenance data is then transformed into reports that are meaningful to your organization.

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  • Asset Management - Establish asset hierarchies, track maintenance history on assets, and prioritize work     
  • Work Orders - Generate work orders and submit work requests via a login, email or form     
  • Condition Monitoring - Define boundaries for equipment operation, import readings and graph results     
  • PM Tasks and Schedules - Generate PM tasks, develop PM schedules on time or usage, and track inspections     
  • Reports and Dashboards - Analyze trends and make data-driven decisions with robust reporting tools     
  • Parts and Inventory - Manage and track spare parts. supplies, and purchase order     
  • Data visualization - Visualize your asset data on a floor plan, schematic, site map, or any other image     
  • Mobile Maintenance - Empower technicians to access their CMMS in the palm of their hand

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