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The BladderScan Prime portable 3D ultrasound instrument redefines accuracy. Its a workhorse device that reduces downtime and raises quality.

The BladderScan Prime supports evidence-based catheter management, along with consistent, comfortable assessment of patients. To promote long and uninterrupted service, reliability is built into every BladderScan Prime system. In the event of a drop, Prime has a built in mechanical diagnostic to confirm its still working properly.             NeuralHarmonics enables more accurate measurements than conventional two-dimensional ultrasound. In bladder volume measurements, a unique second harmonic differentiates the bladder, urine, and hypo-echogenic regions, such as the uterus. This results in a better analysis and a more accurate measurement from the device. With one button press, VMODE technology acquires multiple scan planes to produce a 3-dimensional quantification of the bladder. Based on this quantification, the instrument automatically calculates and displays urinary bladder volume.

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3 years ago
My device has Error: Loss of Ultrasound data.Reply


[list]          [*] Touch screen controls          [*] Live B-mode pre-scan aiming          [*] Ergonomic new probe design          [*] Intuitive user interface          [*] Premium rolling cart (optional) with integrated storage and cable management          [*] Onboard help/tutorial for training and ease-of-use          [*] Scan from either side of the patient          [/list]

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