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Smart Scale

utomatically calculates a baby's weight within seconds after they are placed onto the scale. Babies up to 33 lbs (15, 000 g) can be weighed accurately within 1 gram. The easy to use Digital Scale is a great fit for hospitals and nurseries.        There is no need to keep track of changing weights caused by a baby's movement because the final weight calculation will lock in on the display. Final weights will stay locked on the display even if the baby has been removed from the scale. Automatic weight averaging allows the Infant Scale to take the child's movement into account when determining the final weight calculation.        The last calculated weight is stored by the Baby Scale can be recalled even after the Scale as been powered off. The Automatic Baby Scale shuts off automatically when not in use to conserve energy. Before each weighing, the Infant Scale automatically zeros itself. Also featured is a zero (tare) button for when staff members want to account for an additional item that will be weighed with the baby such as a toy or a blanket. Two hands ports have been built into the front of the scale tray which make picking up and setting down infants safer and easier. The smooth contours and molded shape of the edgeless tray make it easy to clean.

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8 months ago
How to change the units
How to change the unit

Equipment: Olympic Medical - 56360



-Jeff Knight
7 years ago
Display shows charging but scales will not power up
Why will scale not power up when the display shows that it is charging and a new battery has been installed?Reply


[list]    [*] Fully automatic electronic scale    [*] Accuracy within one gram even if patient is moving    [*] Accurate results in seconds    [*] Automatically zeros before each weighing    [*] Automatic averages the weight of moving babies    [*] LED Status lights and signal tone indicate weight has been averaged    [*] Volume control for weight average signal tone    [*] Reweigh babies while they're still on the scale    [*] Readouts in lbs or grams    [*] Includes measuring tape for measuring baby length    [*] Tare function    [*] Recalls last computed weight    [*] Easy lift tray    [*] Two hand ports for easier lifting of baby in and out of scale    [*] Edgeless tray with smooth contours and a molded shape    [*] LED display    [/list]


Height40 in
Capacity33 lbs
Length 17.2 in
Weight101 lbs
Width36.25 in

Additional Specifications

Tray Dimensions: 26" x 14" x 3.25" (WxDxH)

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