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Immunoassay System 

Tosoh Bioscience's AIA-1800 is one of the premier immunoassay systems.

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-Lab director
2 years ago
I forgot the test cups for LH kit of 100 test at room temperature for 3 days. Shall I use it to test patient s or it is no longer valid. Thanks

Equipment: Tosoh Bioscience - AIA-1800



  • Throughout of 180 results per hour.
  • User friendly Windows-based software.
  • AIA-Pack reagent loading of 620 test cups.
  • Sample capacity of 170 samples on standard module with continuous access. 
  • STAT positions for urgent samples.
  • Reflex testing.
  • Clot and level sensing.
  • Disposable pipette tips. This eliminates sample carryover. 
  • Automated dilution and pre-treatment of samples.
  • Rapid, automated daily maintenance, which reduces hands on time.
  • Full Quality control programme using Westgard Rules and Levey Jennings plot with statistics.
  • Analyte consumption check.


Height125 cm
Length 93 cm
Weight300 kg
Width165 cm

Additional Specifications

  • Up to 288 conductive pipette tips; up to 18 different barcoded
  • secondary reagents
  • Up to 17 barcoded sample racks with any combination 170; barcoded primary tubes and sample cups
  • Windows™ operator interface
  • Automatic reschedule, automatic rerun and automatic reflex testing
  • Sample level sensing, sample clot detection 

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