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-Neda A.
7 years ago
Equipment Malfunction on Old Device
Although the device itself is old (manufactured back in the 80's), it has never been used. All equipment is still freshly packaged and unopened. After receiving this "new" device, we used it once and found no issues. However, when we were trying to use it a second time, we noticed that there is a hissing sound coming from the patient interface module itself. It does not sound like air is escaping from the finger cuffs, but rather the PIM. The device is then giving a servo startup failure. According to the manual for the device, this is indicative that there are poor connections or poor cuff application. However, when replacing with an older, used version of the patient interface cable (same device, just used), we receive the "restart: artifcat detected" warning which according to the manual, indicates taht someone stepped on the patient interface cable or there is an electronic failure. I'm unsure how to navigate this issue, as Ohmeda Service likely does not cover/repair units that are this old. I have been unable to find much information on this device online. We need this for continuous beat-by-beat monitoring of blood pressure and we cannot find anymore replacement equipment since the unit is so old and rare. Any guidance, advice, or troubleshooting techniques would be greatly appreciated.Reply
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