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CR Console + Clinical Review + Image Storage

With ImagePilot, image acquisition is simplified. There is no need indicate what type of exposure is being taken. And you don't have to struggle with exposure settings. The automated image processing produces an optimized image - every time - regardless of body part or exposure technique.

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19 days ago
Network connection
Could not connect to DB. Please check the network connection. The system will be restarted. Can you help with this please error come on my windows 7, from application image pilot please can u help Reply


a month ago
konica minolta image pilot application won't start up
Hello everyone, I have bit of a problem here with my konica minolta image pilot, whe ever i click on the application , instead it show this error message "object reference not set to an instance of an object" and won't start upReply


2 months ago
Application wont start
Image pilot fails to start and returns a message saying that the Service tool is still running. I have no idea how this can be. HELP!!Reply


  • Scalable to your future needs - add client stations and modalities, and increase storage as the imaging department grows   
  • Flexible configuration - capture images from additional modalities or import images from other sources. From the viewing screen, images can be printed, exported to a other host, or written to removable media

Additional Specifications

Storage Capacity: 100 GB   
Operating System: Windows XP Professional SP2

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