Bio-Med Devices - 2003FL
by Bio-Med Devices

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Low-Flow Blender with flow meter and bleed control.

The 2003FL features a close mounted 0-15 lpm flow meter on the left side that keeps the footprint of this blender much smaller than a flow meter installed on a traditional blender with a DISS fitting. The bleed control knob on the right side allows for gas savings when flows are used at flows higher than 3 lpm (or when not in use) by disabling the bleed flow. When precise accuracy below 3 lpm is needed, bleed flow can be enabled. It also features a bottom DISS port.

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Height6.64 in
Length 4.56 in
Weight2.79 lbs
First Outlet Flow Range3 to 15 L/min
Second Outlet Flow Range1 to 15 L/min
Width5.48 in
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