Siemens - Axiom Aristos FX
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Siemens's Axiom Aristos FX

The Siemens digital radiographic solution provides superb ease-of-use combined with outstanding networking, renowned for high image quality and low levels of radiation dose.     An off-centered, floor-mounted and height-adjustable patient positioning table. This cantilevered patient table provides a large free overhang of 75 inches/ 190 cm for detector movements while the tabletop provides additional movements of ±4 inches/±10 cm for fine adjustments.

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-Jim White
10 months ago
Operating System
Can I exit to the windows O.S.?

Equipment: Siemens - Axiom Aristos FX



2 years ago
Installation manual
I look for technical manual on installation of Axiom Aistos Siemens Reply
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