Sakura - Tissue-Tek DRS-601
by Sakura

Time-saving and economical operation.

The versatile Sakura slide stainer can also accommodate a wide variety of staining applications. Operating with a user-friendly microprocessor, the DRS 601 system allows the user to facilitate up to 16 different programs to easily identify solutions by name and concentration. The special tab feature facilitates identification of reagents.     
Staining up to 60 slides per cycle, the Sakura DRS 601 stainer has a compact design that maximizes space, while plastic staining reservoirs eliminate breakage. Removable trays provide rapid changing of solutions, and tray exchange permits different staining procedures. The basket design also reduces cross-contamination and carry-over.     
The flexible Sakura Tissue-Tek® DRS 601 Slide Stainer is also coverslipper compatible, with the stain and coverslip using the same basket as the Sakura TissueTek Film Coverslipper. Other features of the Sakura DRS 601 Slide Stainer include a quality control program and reagent usage monitoring.

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3 months ago
error 328
Can you help me solve error 328Reply


6 months ago
Sakura Sl8de Stainer DRS601
We have the issue with Sakuea DRS 601 Automatic Slide Stainer. On switch ON we hear a clicking sound & Display keeps blinking. There is no initialization on any motors or the Solenoid for water opening up. All voltages of 5, +/-12 & 24V are available. Connectors have been checked, contacts cleaned.Reply


a year ago
Help ... Manual service DRS 601
Dear Collegue i m searching a service manuel for the automate slide stainer Sakura DRS 601.. does anyway have it? thank you all for your answersReply


Height60 cm
Length 67 cm
Weight83 kg
Width117 cm
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