Newman Medical - 500CL
by Newman Medical

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Automated System for single level and multi-level studies.

Newman Medical’s PC based simpleABI systems are designed to quickly and easily produce the results you need for the diagnosis of lower extremity peripheral artery disease. These systems not only save time in the exam but their simplicity reduces staff training and re-training time. They produce accurate full page reports with the documentation needed for reimbursement.            simpleABI systems lead you through the exam by observing the report coming together on the large computer screen – no need to memorize complex menus or protocols. Since the report is created on the computer, no secondary downloading steps are necessary for storing, printing, or sharing the results.            The 500CL performs lower extremity physiologic arterial exams.

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[list]      PC-based system      [*] Easy staff training - simple to learn and use      [*] Point & Click reporting right on the computer            Cuff-Link      [*] 8MHz Doppler      [*] Automated cuff selector – no moving tubes      [*] Automated inflation & deflation            8.5x11 Standard Reports      [*] No taping or pasting waveform strips            [*] Data files easily attached to EMR records      [/list]


Height107 cm
Weight5.5 kg

Additional Specifications

Battery Life: 10 hours

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