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Cold Therapy System

Specifically designed for post surgery/injury drug-free pain relief! Our comfortable and easy-to-use cold therapy system is great for knees, shoulders, back, hips, ankles, elbows, calves, limbs, and more.    The systems come with a large cooling reservoir. Why is this important? The larger the reservoir, the more ice it holds, and the longer between ice recharging. Polar's Active Ice 2.0 is designed to get you through the night!

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[list]      [*] A quiet, high-efficient pump that provides steady, effective cooling.       [*] Specifically designed for post-surgery, drug-free pain relief.       [*] Comfortable and easy to use.       [*] Great for all areas of the body including; back, knee, shoulder, and limb.       [*] Easy to use time and time again, simply add ice and water.       [/list]

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