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Bovie introduces the AcuDop II Digital Doppler system.

Bovie introduces the AcuDop II Digital Doppler system. The AcuDop is a Doppler system that provides high quality digital sound and is used in the OBGYN setting to detect fetal heart rate. Vascular options provide an auditory signal of blood passing through vessels. For Veterinarians, the AcuDop can facilitate detection of animal fetus heart rate and litter viability.

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2 years ago
Regarding RS232
Does this doppler support RS232 or has this port for EMR communication?Reply


  • Unmatched Digital Sound Quality…HEAR THE DIFFERENCE! 
  • Breakthrough XD probes provide up to 56% increased sensitivity at shallow depths (2-5cm)
  • Interchangeable Probes for OBGYN, Animal Health and Vascular options 
  • Cost saving rechargeable models 
  • Sized to fit comfortably in your hand and pocket 
  • 5 year Warranty on ALL Labor & ALL Parts

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