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Slide strainer 

The trusted chemistry stainer is united with revolutionary software and connectivity options, delivering an outstanding level of integration that provides high productivity and efficient workflow. Autostainer Link 48 ensures optimal staining results and offers a high slide and reagent capacity. Save space and centralize slide programming by connecting up to three instruments and three PT Links to one computer. The DakoLink software has optimized run-time estimation.

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2 years ago
Dako Autostainer Plus - pumps all waste into "Hazardous" waste carboy
This is about an earlier model - the Dako Autostainer Plus, but this is the only forum currently available. A customer has a unit which pumps all of the waste into the “Hazardous” carboy, and none into the “Non-hazardous carboy.” Customer does not have any other complaint - seems to be working otherwise. I have verified that if I pour water into the waste reservoir (below the instrument sink) and connect 12VDC to the “Non-toxic” pump, it will properly pump out into the “Non-hazardous” carboy. I did note that there are four probes into the sink, which I assume to be for level sensing. Two of these are short, probably for overfill indication. Two are longer, but one appears to have lost some length due to corrosion. Does anyone have experience on this, or tech data they can share?Reply


6 years ago
Head alignment
I am looking at one of these units, this is I believe the original Dako Autostainer, when you punch the prime pump (buffer or water) the whole system homes then the head moves to the left rear slide position, then lowers down but the white tube strikes the side of the black frame that holds the slides. It appears to be an alignment issue but I cannot find anything on this machine.Reply


  • Process 48 slides in less than three hours. This makes it possible to finalize 96 slides during a regular working day with only one Autostainer Link 48 and one PT Link
  • Gain up to 45 minutes of your run time compared to our previously fastest Autostainer - Autostainer Plus
  • Get the most out of your laboratory time by processing slides in parallel using PT Link and the fastest ever Autostainer Link 48
  • Have the freedom to set up your own standards and a possibility to control these 


Height68 cm
Length 66 cm
Weight66.7 kg
Width89 cm

Additional Specifications

  • Electrical specifications: 120 V: 110/120 V (+/- 10%), 60 Hz (+/- 2 Hz)
  • 220 V: 220/240 V (+/- 10%), 50 Hz (+/- 2 Hz
  • Normal operating temperature: 18-26 °C (64-79 °F
  • Total slide capacity: 48 slides (US and international sizes)
  • Reagent capacity: 42 reagents

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