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Smoke Evacuation System 

Surgical smoke generated in operating theatres through the use of laser and electrosurgery equipment is of increasing concern to theatre staff. With increased awareness of the potential effects to the health of staff and patients from breathing in surgical smoke, along with reduced visibility of the surgical site and noxious odours, Eschmann have designed an efficient and economical smoke evacuation unit with accessories to address these issues.The Eschmann smoke evacuation unit is quiet in operation, has simple to use controls and easy to assemble accessories. Smoke evacuation via tubing attached to the monopolar fingerswitch can be controlled by activating the fingerswitch or used on a continuous suction mode. To ensure all residual smoke is removed when the fingerswitch is deactivated, the delay option will offer a further 3 seconds of smoke extraction. Three simple LEDs indicate power on, suction on and a check filter light that will indicate blocked or kinked tubing or filter blockage. All units are supplied with starter kit providing the necessary accessories to start evacuating smoke immediately.

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3 years ago
Plasma Pen smoke
I wanted to know if this works for plasma pen that generates smoke please Reply


  • Excellent smoke extraction from the surgical site, enhancing visibility, reducing odour and reducing health risks to staff and patients.
  • Custom made sound attenuation inserts and partitioning keep noise to a minimum (<50dBA). 
  • Cost effective disposables based on a cost per procedure basis. 
  • 2 weekly ULPA and carbon filter system to remove viral and chemical elements of surgical smoke and reduce odor.

Additional Specifications

  • Weight: 16.5Kg 
  • Noise Level: <50dBA 
  • Filters Inlet filters: ULPA filter removes 99.999% of particles 0.12 microns or larger and incorporates a hydrophobic filter 
  • Outlet filter: A carbon filter that reduces odor and provides 99.99% bacterial and 99.9% viral efficiency 
  • Complies with Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC. Class 1, defibrillator proof, drip proof. 
  • Voltage: 230V 50Hz

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