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Small Steam Sterilizer

AMSCO® 400 Series Small Steam Sterilizers are engineered to be fully compliant with current steam sterilization standards. The 20 x 20 sterilizer is validated to accommodate a maximum of three 25-lb sets (up to 75 lbs) per load, and the 16-inch models can sterilize two 25-lb sets (up to 50 lbs per cycle), per AAMI guidance for processing weights. They also accommodate loaner sets and larger bariatric and orthopedic devices.        
Also, the AMSCO 400 Series Small Steam Sterilizers prevacuum and steam-flush-pressure-pulse (SFPP) cycles have been validated, per AAMI recommendation, for porous items. Validated “immediate-use” prevacuum and gravity cycles are available, replacing “flash” terminology, and cycles can be customized and named by the user. AMSCO 400 Series software reduces steam and water usage per pound of instruments processed, and the steam-activated gasket requires no lubrication.

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-Alan Carter
2 years ago
Leak test failing at 2.2 mmHg/min
Is it air or is it steam leaking & where should I look or rebuild? Unit is only 1.5 yrs old. Reply


-Matt D.
5 years ago
Will not draw a vacuum on the chamber
Initial issue "Too long to evacuate". Water pressure 35PSI, replaced all components kits , seats, coils, injector, heat exchanger, check valves. verified pressure transducer is working with in specs. Steris is confused can't find the problem. WTF, any ideas?Reply
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  • Validated for 25 lb. sets 
  • Accommodates larger bariatric and orthopedic devices


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