Tokyo Emix - Lumix 70 II
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The Lumix II is a superpulsed laser designed for high-intensity biostimulation laser therapy.

Combination of high peak powers and safe average powers provide optimal tissue penetration and effective dosing. Dual wavelength produces rapid pain relief, inflammation reduction and tissue healing for superficial and deep tissues. Powerful enough to work on hard as well as soft tissue biostimulation applications. Treatments can be easily and safely delegated to support staff

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- The dental
5 years ago
no Image upon Xray
WE HAVE A PROBLEM WITH OUR Lumix 70 ii dental x-ray. It's not taking picture , it use to give two tone sound, now just a flat tone and not giving picture.Reply


2 wavelengths: 650 nm and 910 nm High quality fiberoptics and longlife diodes Easy to operate and low maintenance

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