Limmer Laser - VACULAS 2005
by Limmer Laser

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Smoke Evacuation System 

The filter system consists of a primary and a main filter. The primary filter's task is to eliminate larger aerosol constituents and spare the main filter. It works with an efficacy of 99,99999%@0,01µm.

The main filter is a combination of a special filter unit that eliminates smallest constituents down to virus size and additionally has an antibacterial surface. Its total efficacy is 99,99999995%@0,01µm.

Furthermore, an activated carbon filter absorbs smelling remains while a gas filter ties ammonia and hydrocyanic acids. The smoke evacuator's motor is a brushless, maintenance-free vacuum blower.

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  • Air flow efficiency with both main and primary filter installed at 950 liters/minute, electronically adjustable 
  • Air flow efficiency without filters 2.340 liters/minute ¦Noise level < 52 dB according to ISO 7779 
  • Excellent suction efficiency with permanent control of filter status 
  • Direct control by all lasers of Limmer Laser GmbH 
  • High mobility by large wheels 
  • Continuous filter evaluation displayed on display 
  • Adjustable delay function to keep the device running even after start signal (by laser or foot switch) has ended, helping to remove further evaporating smoke.

Additional Specifications

  • Display- Blue mode LCD Graphic Display 
  • Electrical requirements - 230 V, 50/60 Hz, max. 1,3 kVA 
  • Dimensions-  34 x 80 x 43 (W x H x D) 
  • Weight- 28 kg

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