Philips - HP to Utah Transducer IBP Adapter Cable
by Philips

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Adapter Cable 

This Philips HP to Utah Transducer IBP Adapter Cable (#IC-HP-UT0) manufactured by Cables and Sensors is 13 feet long and connects a variety of patient monitors to Utah Transducers.

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Additional Specifications

  • Philips:
    • 78341A, 78342A, 78352A, 78354C, 78205A-D
    • M1165A.
    • Merlin.
    • Viridia 24.
    • CMS 24.
    • V26.
    • M2, M3, M4.
    • M1006A/B, M1026A, M1166A, M1175A, M1350B, M1205A, M1350A, M1353A.
    • 8030A, 8040A.
    • 3536A.
  • All HP Monitors Model # XX, MXXXXA, M1006A - BPM Module, M1006B, Merlin 1300, Omnicare M1006A to M1176A

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