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Therapeutic Esophageal Intervention

Esoflip® is an advanced balloon dilation technology, used during endoscopy, that transforms patient treatment of esophageal strictures without the need for fluoroscopy.

Esoflip® interfaces with the Endoflip® system to provide a comprehensive view of the esophagus to accurately measure stricture size before and after each stage of balloon dilation. This enables gastroenterologists to dilate patients in a controlled manner, raising the benchmark of patient care provided in dilation of esophageal strictures.

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  • Measures strictures at intermediate levels of dilation diameter
  • Ability to stop and evaluate before dilating further
  • Dilation is hands free, slow and controlled for clinician
  • Fluoroscopy not required, no radiation exposure to patients or staff
  • Effectively measures recoil after dilation
  • Easy to locate stricture
  • Ability to determine if balloon is moving during procedure

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