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The Thermogenesis Thermoline™ plasma thawers represent the latest in rapid and reliable thawing of plasma and cryoprecipitate.

  • There is no contact between the plasma pack and the water
  • There as an agitation action included to further speed up thawing

The plasma packs are suspended in individual pockets, thereby providing isolation from the water and the added advantage that is a plasma or cryo pack ruptures, the contents are contained within the pocket, so that no contamination of the water can occur.

Three models are available, the MT210 holds 10 plasmas, the MT204 holds 4 plasmas, and the MT202 which holds 2 plasmas. Typical thawing times for plasma are in the 15 - 18 minute range (thawing from a core temperature of -40°C with an average pack volume of 220ml).

The water is maintained at a temperature of 35°C ±1°C. An option to run at 37°C is available for the MT204 model. In addition, the MT204 is also FDA approved for thawing of other blood products.

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6 years ago
Error Code >OT
Working on a plasma thawer. Thermogenesis MT204 Initial call came that unit was not heating. Ohmd out element and it was fine (10.6 ohm) Did replace the temp probe Keypad data entry is hit or miss. Will not always accept codes 100 or 200 for temperature. The other gremlin is that the unit will sometimes start a cycle, fill the plasma bath, but then will shut down with the error code >OT Call to tech support and they have never seen or heard of such an error. Any ideas? Reply
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