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Spectranetics CVX-300 Excimer Laser System

Proven technology for the treatment of multiple cardiovascular procedures and safe removal of plaque, calcium and thrombus.   
Photoablation is the use of light to break down, vaporize and remove matter. Spectranetics CVX-300® Excimer Laser facilitates photoablation via a variety of Spectranetics catheters to remove arterial plaques and binding scar tissue surrounding cardiac pacemaker ICD leads.

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9 months ago
CVX-300 service manual
Does anyone have a service manual for this unit? We are trying to move laser service in-house as much as possible. Thanks.Reply


4 years ago
PM parts
The coated glass windows that need replacement periodically. Can they be obtained outside of the company?Reply


5 years ago
Inquiry the price

inquiry the price about CVX-300 Excimer Laser System

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  • Photochemical: Breaking molecular bonds     
    • UV light pulse hits tissue for 135-billionths of a second (135ns); the duration of the laser pulse     
    • 50 microns penetration     
    • Billions of molecular bonds fractures per pulse     
    • After 135-billionths of a second, laser energy is not emitted    
  • Photothermal: Producing thermal energy     
    • Absorption vibrates the molecular bonds of the plaque     
    • Vibration of bonds heats intracellular water     
    • Water vaporizes, molecules break apart, and cells rupture     
    • Expanding vapor bubble forms in 100-millionths of a second (100 µs)   
  • Photomechanical: Creating kinetic energy     
    • Expansion and collapse of vapor bubble breaks down tissue and clears byproducts away from tip     
    • Byproducts of ablation are water, gas, and small particles     
    • Entire process time per pulse is 400-millionths of a second (400 µs)


Wavelength308 nm
Laser TypeExcimer

Additional Specifications

Active Medium: XeCl, Pulsed Laser System      
Pulse Width: 125nS - 200 nS, FWHM      
Long Gas Life: Minimum 3 months gas shelf life. 

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