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The assistant for an integrated workplace in the OR

Your patients have high expectations. Especially when it comes to implanting toric intraocular lenses during a cataract surgery. After all, the patient’s post-operative quality of vision without glasses or contact lenses depends on every step you make – especially the positioning of the lenses.

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  • Integration into your workplace - CALLISTO eye® integrates seamlessly with OPMI® LUMERA® 700 superimposing the assistance functions in the eyepiece via IDIS (Integrated Data Injection System). 
  • Visualization and documentation - The live video is shown also in full screen
  • ZEISS Toric Solution - Supporting you to make astigmatism correction a routine step in cataract surgery

Assistance Functions:

  • Incision/LRI Assistant - Superimpose templates of individual, planned incisions and limbal relaxing incisions e.g. for inserting a toric intraocular lens
  • Rhexis Assistant - Superimpose individually scalable rings to support you in opening the capsular bag during capsulorhexis
  • Z ALIGN – Toric Assistant - Define reference and target axes and display them onscreen and in the eyepiece, supporting you in the alignment of toric intraocular lenses
  • K TRACK - In combination with a keratoscope, the assistant function visualizes corneal curvature in the patients' eyes

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