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The Centrella Smart+ bed is purposefully designed to best address your primary concerns.

The Centrella Smart+ bed helps meet the changing needs of healthcare facilities and delivers elevated care through:

  • Optimized Patient Safety
    • The Centrella Smart+ bed is designed to help keep patients safe and simplify how caregivers work.
  • Enhanced Patient Satisfaction
    • Bed technology designed with the patient experience in mind.
  • Advanced Caregiver-Focused Technology
    • Graphical Caregiver Interface (GCI) touchscreen with flip-up panel provides quick access to easy-to-use controls.

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Equipment: Hillrom - Centrella Smart + Bed



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Equipment: Hillrom - Centrella Smart + Bed



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Equipment: Hillrom - Centrella Smart + Bed



Enhanced Patient Satisfaction Features 

  • USB Port - Conveniently charges personal devices.
  • Advanced Patient Pendant - Provides personalized patient comfort settings, entertainment controls, and a live nurse call button with visual confirmation of placed calls.
  • Device Storage Area - Holds patient's personal items, including devices and reading material.
  • Auto Contour Feature - Keeps patients comfortable by elevating the knees when the head is elevated.
  • Yourbed.Hill-Rom.com - Informs patients about the benefit of the bed to help optimize their experience.

Optimized Patient Safety Features

  • Verbal Safety Alerts - easily understandable verbal prompts that caution caregivers and patients:
    • "Brake not set"
    • "Call light not connected"
    • "Please don't get up"
    • "Your care team has been called"
    • "Function not available"
  • Feature Labeling - Helps caregivers easily identify key features on the bed.
  • Safeview + System - Helps caregivers monitor bed safety status with easy-to-read visual projections.
  • Motion-Activated Nightlight - Illuminates the path to guide patients to and from the bed.
  • Advanced Slideguard Feature - Reduces patient migration when the head-of-bed is raised.
  • Illumiguide Siderail Handgrip - Provides a place to grasp and enhances visibility to safely guide patients back to bed.
  • Enhanced 3-Mode Bed Exit - Includes silence, auto reset and visual/audible safety prompts.

Advanced Caregiver-Focused Technology

  • Graphical Caregiver Interface (GCI) Touchscreen - Includes flip-up panel, providing quick access to easy-to-use controls. 

Centrella Smart+ Bed Therapeutic Surfaces

Innovative support surfaces help manage pressure, shear and moisture to deliver optimal wound prevention and healing. 

Centrella max Surface


Advanced technology delivering superior pressure redistribution and microclimate management.

  • Focused Advanced Microclimate Technology
    Removes up to 4X more heat and 7X more moisture

  • Weight-Based Pressure Redistribution
    Up to 13% less peak sacral pressure

  • Enhanced Turn Assist
    More effective turn in 77% less time

Centrella pro Surface


Targeted and customized non-powered pressure redistribution for optimal patient support and comfort.

  • Targeted Pressure Redistribution
    Up to 21% less peak sacral pressure

  • Best-In-Class Comfort
    Rated 5x more comfortable

Centrella core Surface


Non-powered pressure redistribution designed to enhance patient comfort,

  • Multi-Layer Foam Construction
    Up to 11% less peak sacral pressure

Additional Specifications

Overall width40" (101.6cm) or
43" (109.22cm)(Comfort Edition)
Overall length with foot extension
Maximum (Foot section extended)98.7" (251cm) 
Minimum (Foot section retracted)86.7" (220cm)
Bed Height maximum32.5" (83cm)
Bed Height minimum14.5" (37cm)
Head section inclination0° to 65°

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