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Lifting for bariatric patients 

With a maximum load rating of 400kg (880 lbs), the UltraStretch lift stretcher is an impressively strong horizontal lift accessory suitable for even the toughest lifting challenges. The UltraStretch lift stretcher is used together with the overhead UltraTwin™ lift system, which consists of two interconnected Likorall motors (see the UltraTwin page for more details).

The weight-bearing section of the UltraStretch lift stretcher may be used with either a full lift sheet (the LiftSheet XL) or five lift straps (LiftStrap XL 80/XL 100), which are placed under the head, shoulders, back, seat and calves. 

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Quick-Release Hook

The lift stretcher is installed with the Liko Quick-Release Hook System; so the lift system used with the UltraStretch lift stretcher must be equipped with a Q-link fastener or Quick-release Hook Adapter.

Easy to Adjust

The UltraStretch lift stretcher has adjustable arms, which enable individual adjustment of the suspension of the lift sheet or lift straps for each patient.

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