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Steam Sterilizers

The control system is easy to use and can be programmed via the keypad on the touch screen. A keypad on the touchscreen also allows the user to select any program, start and stop the sterilization cycle. Eryigit's steam sterilizers are a project supported by TÜB0TAK and provide A quality energy saving. Their steam sterilizers are equipped with an electronic pressure transducer to precisely preserve the required pressure values against changes in ambient pressure.

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6 years ago
Technical manual
I need technical manual for Eryigit STR 5512D steam sterilizer. The water pump refused to start and the sliding door refused to open.Reply
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  • Stand By Feature
  • Cut off feature when water, electricity interruption and saturated steam quality drops
  • There are 2 PT100 in the cell and 1 in the generator;
  • Ability to make precise pressure measurements with electronic pressure transducers
  • Not affected by ± 10% utility voltage changes
  • Unlimited programmable free program feature
  • Has a hepa filter that filters 99.99% of the particles bigger than 0.3 microns
  • Ability to work with steam from the central steam system in hospitals
  • Ability to operate the system until service intervention in case of failure of any of the resistances
  • There are 3 mechanical safety valves for safety purposes
  • It also has the ability to electronically control pressure and temperature with PLC. The validation services for our products are carried out by German accredited organization Hygcen GmbH.


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