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IHE-Compliant Interface

Get the most out of your clinical information systems. Integrate data from Dräger monitoring and therapy devices with lab results, entries in electronic medical records and clinical information systems across hospital departments. Infinity Gateway applications, interfaces and developer tools enable you to exchange information for a more comprehensive view of your patients.

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  • Makes Comprehensive Clinical Data Available at the Point-of-Care - Infinity Gateway’s HL7 and ASTM interfaces facilitate the exchange of patient information between the Dräger Infinity Network and other hospital systems, enabling you to see a more complete picture of your patients
  • Import/Export Interfaces
    • HL7 2.3 protocol enables export of vital signs, solicited and unsolicited import of admission data, and import and export of laboratory data
    • IHE-compliant (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) HL7 option utilizes the 2.6 HL7 protocol, enabling export of vital signs to other IHE-compliant systems
    • Paging interface exports alarm data from Infinity telemetry and bedside/transport monitors to the hospital’s paging system (supports alphanumeric pagers using TAP1.7 and ESPA 4.4.4 protocols)
    • ASTM stat lab interface connects Infinity monitors to ‘stat’ laboratory devices that use the ASTM protocol
    • 12-lead export interface, as part of the API option, exports 12-lead rest ECG data reports from the Infinity Network to cardiology databases

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