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cardioPAT® Cardiovascular Perioperative Autotransfusion System

Evidence suggests that the majority of blood loss resulting from cardiovascular surgeries occurs after surgery.1,2 It's not surprising then that most cardiovascular-related transfusions take place postoperatively. But the risk of transfusion immunomodulation, infection, length of stay, and mortality also increase with each unit of allogeneic blood transfused.3,4 In fact, one study shows that allogeneic transfusion is associated with a 70% increase in mortality in CABG patients.        In addition to providing chest drainage, the cardioPAT® Cardiovascular Perioperative Autotransfusion System collects, washes, and returns patients' blood after surgery, giving them the best chance at avoiding unnecessary allogeneic transfusions and related risks of infection. By consistently delivering fresh red cells with hematocrit between 70-80%, surgeons ensure patients receive their own high-quality blood with zero chance of immunosuppression.        The cardioPAT QuickConnect Reservoir supports a cost-effective, "collect first" approach by allowing the recovery of shed blood when it's unclear how much the patient will bleed. With the ability to attach to the processing set at any time, the QuickConnect Reservoir becomes a safety net, returning the highest quality blood only to the patients who need it, and collecting blood cost-effectively for those who don't.

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[list]    [*] Separation technology     [*] Dynamic Disk® consistently delivers 70–80% hematocrit    [*] Reservoir     [*] QuickConnect reservoir supports “collect first” approach     [*] Partial collection and return     [*] Processes up to 2 liters per hour and as little as     [*] 5 milliliters of RBCs     [*] Safety alerts LCD display provides operational and safety alerts     [*] Suction Onboard suction with SmartSuction Harmony System     [*] RBC bags with integrated microaggregate filter     [*] Rechargeable battery facilitates blood collection and data storage during patient transport    [/list]


Height11.5 in
Length 10.5 in
Weight20 lbs
Width8 in
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