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Blood gas and Electrolyte analyzer

The OPTI® CCA-TS2 Blood Gas and Electrolyte Analyzer is a microprocessor-based instrument that measures optical fluorescence from discreet sensors called optical electrodes (optodes). A disposable, single-use cassette contains all of the elements needed for calibration, sample measurement and waste containment. Specific calibration information from the cassette is read into the analyzer by swiping the cassette package through the bar-code reader. The cassette is then placed into the measurement chamber.

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-shan ahmad
3 years ago
top plate & bottom plate temprature not reach 37
top plate & bottom plate temprature not reach 37 sometime top plate senssor show 22 and quickly 36Reply


  • Calibration of cassette before sampling—eliminates losing sample if cassette calibration fails
  • Long cassette shelf life—6–12 months from the date of manufacture
  • Easy and safe maintenance
  • Safe disposal—waste is locked in the cassette
  • Maintenance-free operation—no electrodes
  • Zero standby cost—no reagents required


Length 230
Weight4.3 kg

Additional Specifications

  • Sample Volume: 125 µL
  • Sample Type: Whole blood, serum, or plasma
  • Measurement Time: less than 120 seconds
  • Calibration Time: Less than 90 seconds
  • Typical Cycle Time: less than 210 seconds

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