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Fully Automated BioChemistry Analyzer

A15 is compact and easy to use automatic analyzer, designed especially for small laboratories as their main analyzer offering the best performance and maximum efficiency. The A15 is easily adaptable to any work routine due to the flexibility in the installation of samples and reagents.

A15's performance (low water consumption, minimal maintenance, high-quality constituents and significant savings in the use of consumables) optimizes the operating cost of the laboratory.

With the automatic analyzer A15, BioSystems provides a complete system using their dedicated reagents for Clinical Chemistry and Trubidmetry to achieve the best possible performance.

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-Osman S.
a year ago
Request Support for A15 Biochemistry Analyzer Bioaystem
Dear All Good day to you I need your help if is possible. Pls can you support to me with User Manual and Service Manual for A15 Biochemistry Analyzer BiosystemBest regards Osman

Equipment: A15 Biochemistry Analyzer Bioaystem



2 years ago
Trouble shooting
What to do if the result of the patient HDL is 13 in the first run then I rerun it and it gives 60.

Equipment: BioSystems - Analyzer A15



  • Clinical Chemistry dedicated reagents
  • Throughput of 150 test/hour
  • 4 independent positions for samples and reagent racks
  • 24 samples for rack (maximum capacity of 72 samples in racks)
  • 10 reagents for rack (maximum capacity of 30 reagent bottles in racks)
  • 20 and 50 mL reagent bottles
  • Primary tubes or paediatric cups as sample containers
  • Unlimited STAT capabilities. Run at any time
  • Programming of 5 kinds of samples (serum, plasma, urine, CSF and whole blood)
  • Up to 15 minutes reading time
  • Reusable methacrylate rotor 
  • Minimum reading volume of 200 uL
  • Measurement Range from -0.05 A to 2.5 A 
  • Spectral range 340 nm to 900 nm
  • Filter configuration 340, 405, 505, 535, 560, 600, 635, 670 nm.

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