Lumenis - AcuPulse30/40ST
by Lumenis

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With SurgiTouch Automation System

Designed to create a new standard in treatment convenience, the new and groundbreaking AcuPulse represents an evolution in automated CO2 laser surgery. Physicians can achieve reproducible outcomes at the push of a button by simply selecting the laser application on an intuitive user interface. A mix of animated and real videos can be displayed showing various laser procedures, allowing for quick familiarization across specialties.             Attention has also been paid to the needs of the operating room staff. Video animations display the assembly instructions for various laser accessories, making it simple for new staff to become quickly familiar with the system. Personalized log-in with password stores individual settings and preferences. A “My Settings” feature allows storage of treatment pearls and other data. This automation and simplified use reduces complexities of the past.             Available in 30 and 40 Watt versions with or without SurgiTouch automation system.

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-Victor Blanco
5 months ago
Power meter Low-Med (1W) error
Someone who has been able to solve this error, please help me

Equipment: Lumenis - AcuPulse30/40ST



5 years ago
service manual for Acup luse
How can I get a copy of the service manual for Lumenis Acu Pulse?Reply


10 years ago
AcuPulse Laser error 48

when i login the system run after 64% just show me error code 48: Power meter Low-Med(1w)error.

I already try run the calibration,change the HVPS and bobbin but still the same, so who can help,i have 3 units acupulse having this same error.





[list]      [*] Compact size & cost effective       [*] Largest multi-disciplinary accessory assortment       [*] Reproducible and consistent treatment due to SurgiTouch automation system       [*] Video tutorials demonstrating accessory assembly       [*] SuperPulse-, Pulser- and CW operating modes offer adjustable thermal impact       [*] Storage of personalized laser treatment data       [*] Personalized log-in allows to define preferred user interface screens and navigation       [*] Optional smart footswitch and remote control panel (Fall 2009)      [/list]


Laser TypeC02
Height47 in
Length 15.8 in
Weight108 lbs
Wavelength10600 nm infrared
Width14.6 in
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