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Designed to be used with the utmost ease, the 6730 can weigh even the most active baby.

The portability of the 6730 is extended by its operation on "D" size alkaline batteries. The scale has a lock-in weight feature which compensates for typical newborn movement. When weight stabilizes, it is "locked-in" and displayed. The infant can be removed and its weight retained until cleared. Special filtering within the microprocessing system minimizes the effects of movement on the scale, and the final weight is determined quickly.

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3 years ago
How to calibrate?
Is there a calibration procedure for a Detecto 6735 Infant Scale?Reply


5 years ago
looking for service manual
Is it a normal default for the Detecto 6730 scale - when unit is powered on to automatically display 02 420, Weight Lock LED lit and Kilogram/ Gram LED lit? Staff continuously says scale needs calibrating when tested with 5000 gram weight it is 5000 grams.Reply


  • Battery operation
  • Long-lasting, safety-styled baby tray
  • Lock-in weight display
  • Color-coded keypad with instructions
  • Keypad-selectable pounds/ounces or kilograms/grams
  • Standard serial output for use with a computer or printer
  • Easy cleanup

Additional Specifications

  • Capacity: 30 lb x .2 oz / 15 kg x 5 g
  • Display: 5 digits, 1"/25mm high LCD
  • Status Indicators: Pounds/Ounces, Kilograms/Grams, Weight Lock, Low Battery
  • Power: 8 "D" size alkaline batteries
  • Scale Dimensions: 23" W x 14" D x 7" H
  • 584mm W x 356mm D x 178mm H
  • Tray Dimensions: 27.25" W x 12" D (692mm W x 305mm D) at top tapering to 25.75" W x 9.25" D (654mm W x 235mm D) at bottom
  • Shipping Weight: 27.5 lb / 12 kg

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