GE HealthCare - Aestiva/5 MRI
by GE HealthCare

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MRI-compatible anesthesia machine ideal for both the MRI suite and the operating room

The machine’s low profile design features a low height and small footprint, allowing clinicians to easily move the unit from one care setting to another.

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  • Designed for use in MRI settings up to 300 Gauss, active shielded 1.5T and 3T magnets.
  • Physically integrated magnetic field strength monitor (Gauss alarm).
  • Compact size, small footprint and low overall height takes up minimal space in MRI suites and operating rooms.
  • 7900 SmartVent™ with the following ventilation modes: Volume Mode, Pressure Control Mode, Pressure Support (PSVPro®), Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation (SIMV), electronic PEEP.
  • Ventilator features tidal volume compensation and cardiac bypass case mode.
  • Innovative patient breathing system features a responsive location of the common gas outlet.
  • Low flow design features a minimum O2 flow of 50 mL.

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