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Features Three Advanced Spontaneous Breathing Modes

The DRE AV-S Touchscreen Anesthesia Ventilator provides three support modes that can be utilized as the patient attempts to breathe spontaneously. Patient recovery is accelerated by increased tidal volume and SpO2 and reduced EtCO2. The DRE AV-S Ventilator is designed to work with the DRE Integra AV-S Anesthesia System. The intuitive user interface and comprehensive support modes provide optimum therapy for all patient profiles.

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3 years ago
Failed Leak Test
I leak tested one of our units and these were the results: Leak Level 1533 ml/min; BSYS Comp: 9.0 ml/cmH2O. What recommendations do you have for me to troubleshoot this very extensive leak level? Thank you in advance!Reply


  • Combines sophistication and ease of use.
  • Large color touchscreen and com-wheel control.
  • Volume, pressure, pressure support ventilation.
  • Single/dual waveform display.
  • Electronic PEEP and spirometry.
  • Spontanteous monitoring mode.
  • High quality, multi-option product.
  • Built in oxygen, volume, and airway pressure monitoring.
  • Fresh gas flow compensation in volume mode.

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