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Activion 16 (16 slice) CT Scan Machine

Introducing the ActivionTM16 - a multislice CT system, an addition to Toshiba's Multislice family, that combines the high technology of Toshiba's 4-to-64 slice systems to provide exceptional image quality with a single-console interface.

The machine has outstanding reconstruction speed and automated MPR generation of true isotropic data expands your diagnostic capabilities and push productivity to a new level.

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a year ago
Need service manual

I need service manual for activion 16 pls contact me if you can assist 

Thank you 

Equipment: Actvion 16



-Guilherme Nunes
2 years ago
Service Manuals
Hello guys. My name is Guilherme. I'm a maintenance engineer and I need some help. I need the service manuals for the Toshiba Activion 16 CT scanner. Thank you for everyone's attention.Reply


3 years ago
X-ray high voltage
Witch X-ray high voltage brands are appropriate for Toshiba Activion 16 CT Scanner?Reply
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  • SUREExposure Dose Reduction
  • QDS (Quantum Denoising Software)
  • Boost 3D
  • 4 MHU Tube
  • RealEC (Realtime Exposure Control) - Dose Reduction Technique
  • Easy operation High Quality Images
  • 72 cm bore 205 kgs of bed's weight bearing capaicty
  • Intuitive presets for scanning
  • Auto MPR
  • 42kW High Power Generator

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