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Medical Video Recorder Solution

As an embedded Linux device, the Evolution4K allows the users to enter patient data, capture 4K UHD video and 4K still images, playback 4K video, auto print to medical grade printers and record to dual USB 3.0 external hard drives or flash drives. The device is compliant to medical foot pedals (RS-232), 4K surgical microscope and 4K endoscope cameras (2x 3.5mm triggers), encrypts all ePHI data at rest and in transit and can store cases on a large internal hard-drive.

The device can be controlled via an integrated 5” capacitive multi-touch screen that uses swipe and pinch and zoom gestures similar to the latest mobile devices.

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  • Multiple HID Touch Screens are supported via USB
  • Duplicate the internal 12.7cm Touch Screens to a external Touch monitor via the Secondary Display Ports (DP, HDMI or VGA)
  • Two of the 3 ports can be used at simultaneously for multiple external displays

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