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Mobile C-Arm 

Downtimes and unpredictable service incidents can have a negative impact on the total cost of ownership, which may lead to precarious financial situations.

With Cios Select, users can safeguard the financial sustainability of their clinical institution with smart surgical imaging and service from a single reliable partner. Benefit from high system availability, low maintenance and reduced training requirements, and a global service network.

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2 months ago
Cios Select randomly restarts
Hello, We have a Cios Select c-arm. It restarts randomly sometimes after 5 or 30 or 15 minutes and sometimes it works hours without restarts. We cant work with it as is. Any idea about this problem?Reply


a year ago
IP of MCU and Camera XCS is 169.X.X.X, so NO DHCP
i have the IP of MCU and Camera XCS is 169.X.X.X, so NO DHCP server is working an error is showing in the monitor "Image chain Error XCS Communication Error System not REady Radiation is not possible due to system problems "Reply


a year ago
Bios password
Hi everybody, I change the battery bios in the computer of C Arm Siemens Cios and when I press F2 for entry in bios setup, the sistem ask a password. someone can help me?? regard Giuseppe Reply
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  • Based on long-term experience in surgical imaging – successor in a long line of well-known, established mobile C-arms
  • Robust hardware and software – thoroughly tested and proven
  • Tailored service offering – for you and your mobile C-arm machine
  • Simple button-based system control – via the robust control panel on the main unit and monitor cart
  • Intuitive C-arm positioning – with color-coded axes and brake handles
  • Easy to maneuver and position – thanks to the compact, lightweight design of C-arm and monitor cart
  • Ideal for routine cases – in ortho and trauma surgery as well as urologic and basic vascular procedures
  • Sharp images at high resolution and low dose – thanks to advanced CCD camera and optics combined with IDEAL dose management
  • Radiation-free, precise C-arm positioning – with integrated laser light localizer on image intensifier

Additional Specifications

Dimensions: 179.5 cm x 80 cm x 173.5 cm  

Weight: 275 kg 

Field of View: 23 cm

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