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Intelligent Power Control Unit for ENT

CELON ELITE is a radiofrequency based power control unit that incorporates multiple functions into a single device. The intelligent tissue monitoring allows precise and safe tissue ablation for a variety of ENT indications. It can also be used to perform standard electrosurgery in the ENT office or operating room. The settings can be personalized which simplifies the everyday work routine for the ENT specialist and medical staff.

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Special RFITT Modes

  • Dedicated impedance-controlled modes for ENT procedures
  • To be used in combination with ergonomic CELON applicators

Impedance Feedback and Autostop in RFITT Procedures

  • Audible and visible impedance feedback ensures full control
  • Automatic stop of energy supply when impedance threshold of tissue is reached - no overdose effects


  • Automatic coagulation when bipolar forceps touch the tissue
  • No foot-switch activation required

Treatment Analysis

  • Intensity and duration of delivered energy is displayed
  • Control and analyze option for every procedure


Height115 mm
Length 400 mm
Weight6.61 kg
OutPut Frequency356 ± 20%
Output Power120 W
Width295 mm
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