Accriva Diagnostics - Hemochron Jr Signature+
by Accriva Diagnostics

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Whole Blood Microcoagulation System

The Hemochron Jr Signature+ is a battery-operated, hand-held instrument that performs individual point-of-care coagulation tests on fresh or citrated whole blood. These tests include Activated Clotting Time (ACT+ and ACT-LR), Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (APTT and APTT Citrate), and Prothrombin Time (PT and PT Citrate). 

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  • Portable for bedside use
  • Fresh whole blood or citrated whole blood can be used (assay dependent)
  • Only one drop of blood is required
  • Results are available in minutes
  • Results are displayed appropriately as whole blood, plasma equivalent, Celite equivalent seconds, or INR
  • Test type is automatically read from the cuvette
  • Test results are automatically stamped with date and time
  • Results from 400 patient tests and 400 QC tests can be stored
  • Stored results can be printed and/or downloaded to a personal computer
  • Stored results can be searched by Patient ID
  • Instrument self-checks are automatically performed

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