Gyrus ACMI - TurboFlow 8000, 40L
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The TurboFlow 8000 has two separate gas output ports which, unlike many high flow insufflators, use standard-size tubing.

The TurboFlow 8000 Insufflator offers true high flow insufflation, continuous abdominal pressure measurement, gas warming, rapid recovery from suction and gas leaks, and compatibility with standard tubing sets. The Active Pressure Sense (APS) System provides a direct and continuous measurement of the abdominal pressure via special tubing (separate from the supply line) that connects from a trocar port to the unit. Other insufflators measure the abdominal pressure through the supply line itself, which requires gas supply to be interrupted intermittently while a pressure measurement is taken. The TurboFlow 8000 has two seaparate gas output ports which, unlike many high flow insufflators, use standard-size tubing, each capable of providing up to 20 LMP flow. Insufflation gas can decrease intraopeative intra-abdominal gas temperature significantly and can lead to patient hypothermia. The TurboFlow 8000's In-Line Gas Warmer warms this gas as a potential means to minimize this risk.

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-Dr. Jnwa
6 days ago
How do I restore it's pump function?
How do I resolve the resistance to gas flow in the insufflator?

Equipment: Gyrus turboflow 800/, 40l CO2 insufflator



8 years ago
Insufflation tubing set

What insufflation tubing set do I need?  The last set I ordered did not fit and we had to improvise with connection. 



  • High flow insufflation* Continuous abdominal pressure measurement* In line Gas warming* Rapid recovery from suction and gas leaks* Compatibility with standard tubing sets* Active Pressure Sense (APS) System* Two gas output ports* Up to 40 LPM gas supply* True high flow insufflations* Warming of supplied insufflation gas to near body temperature

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