Draeger - Babytherm 8000 WB
by Draeger

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Unit for warming premature babies, neonates and infants with a body weight of up to 5 kg

The Babytherm 8000 WB provides heat through a heated gel mattress. The unit may be used in operating theaters, neonatal wards, children's wards and pediatric intensive care units. The unit may be operated by clinical staff or by nursing staff under the supervision of a doctor.  Babytherm 8000 WB monitors and adjusts the temperature of the heating plate to attain and maintain a preselected temperature at the contact surface between the infant and the mattress. The heat supplied through the mattress is not sufficient on its own for unclothed/ uncovered infants/ premature babies. An additional radiant heater or a Babytherm 8000 OC should be used.

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  • Warming up, maintaining warmth and thermal stability with mattress heating
  • Cooling patients with high temperatures (temperature of mattress below body temperature)
  • Adjustable bed angle for head-up or head-down position
  • Transitional bed for weaning infants from incubators
  • Oxygen and nebulizer therapy (with appropriate accessories)

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