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The APC 300 is the 1st generation Gastrointestinal Intervention system introduced globally in the early 1990's, and in the USA in 1997. This product was the first Argon Plasma System to redefine interventional treatment options in flexible endoscopic intervention, both gastrointestinal and tracheobronchial. The APC 300 has been published (via peer-reviewed literature) extensively in GI, Pulmonary, ENT and various "open" surgical procedures.

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2 years ago
service manual
cut and coag outputsReply


3 years ago
Connection / Synchronization ( ARGON)
Hi to all, We have these 2 systems ERBE - APC 300 and ERBE - ICC300, connected together as requested. Both systems have their own Foot Pedal Switches ( Yellow and Blue ) . In order for the to work with the ARGON we have to press in parallel the blue foot switch from APC 300 and the blue foot switch from ICC300. Do you know how we can operate it just doing it only from one pedal ? Thanks in Advance Reply


-sarah kameel
5 years ago
service manual
defect in outputReply
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Cutting       [list]      [*] Cut control - for automatic perfect cuts       [*] High cut with specialized arc regulation for underwater cuts or in fatty structures       [*] Endo cut - the cutting mode for endoscopy       [*] Mono- und biopolar cutting (Bipolar Cut)       [*] Power Peak System (PPS) for intelligent support of initial incision and cutting       [/list]             Coagulation        [list]      [*] Precisely controlled coagulation and no carbonization with Soft Coag       [*] Forced Coag - for situations where speed is essential       [*] Spray Coag - for efficient surface coagulation       [*] Argon-Plasma Coagulation unit ERBE APC 300 hookup as standard equipment       [*] Mono- und bipolar coagulation (Bipolar Coag)       [*] Twin Coag - for comfortable coagulation on two channels:connector and individual settings for two Coag instruments       [*] Auto Start and Auto Stop - for coagulation support        [/list]             Handling       [list]      [*] Maximum user-friendly operation via 11 individually configurable programs       [/list]             Safety        [list]      [*] Nessy the one-of-a-kind Neutral Electrode Safety System       [*] Double-safe cutting with Cut Control and Biopolar Cut      [/list]


Height152 mm
Length 368 mm
Weight10 kg
OutPut Frequency330 kHz
Output Power300 W at 500 ohms 
Width410 mm
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