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The result of low-dose technology

The STILLE imagiQ2 C-arm table represents an important advance in developing low-dose technology field, making the OR an even safer place for both patients as well as the entire surgical team that is exposed to radiation, week after week.

The imagiQ2 is built on a specially designed curved carbon fiber tabletop design that offers significantly reduced radiation attenuation. The table top allows X-ray to pass through with unbeatable transparency, enabling reduced dose levels, eliminating artifacts from flat table top edges, enhancing image quality and increasing safety for both patients and clinicians.

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  • True Free Float - empowering the surgeon to pan the table top with total precision & freedom of movement in any desired direction
  • Low-dose enabler - high-performance carbon fiber table top with 0.4 mm Aluminum equivalence improves safety by enabling the C-arm to use less power, without compromising image quality
  • Flexibility - retractable wheels for total stability and  incredibly easy mobility out of the HOR
  • Enhanced translucent length - total translucent length
  • Enables the C-arm to generate outstanding images while reducing radiation dose
  • Super slim design and retractable wheels enhance C-arm access, allowing the image receptor to be placed much closer to the patient in order to achieve images according to the A.L.A.R.A principle (As Low As Reasonably Achievable)
  • Move the table top instead of the C-arm by using the True Free Float® technology, thus improving procedure time and efficiency in the OR

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