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by Gossen Metrawatt

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Measurement Software: Intuitive operation, comprehensible and simple

Acquire complex tests and structures in a simple and quick manner - the user interface of IZYTRONIQ has been designed with this premise in mind. By intelligently selecting and hiding tools and work areas, the user is only offered the options for action that make sense for the respective interaction. This is supported by the groundbreaking design with meaningful icons and by the representation of complex database contexts in simple tree structures.

Measuring and testing devices with IZYTRONIQ behave more intelligently, can be used flexibly, master additional types of objects and support new types of test functions.

IZYTRONIQ not only recognizes and manages connected test devices automatically but also queries the respective functional range of the test instrument and makes this information available to IZYTRONIQ makes it possible to use measuring and test instruments in a completely new way for multiple applications. It is not the test instrument that determines the intended use, but the tester simply selects the "measuring tool" to be used for his application. Thus, measurement and test data from different test devices can be combined in one test.

At the same time, the import and export of test data between IZYTRONIQ and test instrument for synchronization of the memory structures and measured values is extremely simplified and possible data conflicts are avoided in advance by intelligent data management.

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