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Modern medical facilities require rapid examinations under a variety of situations. The system provides powerful support in medical facilities, thanks to easy positioning in restrictive locations, and outstanding operability, which allows intuitive movement of the unit by the operator.

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2 years ago
review of embedded settings
Hi Can anyone tell me how to go about reviewing the embedded settings please?Reply


3 years ago
does not display on startup
Good Day, i need help on fixing shimadzu mobile art evolution xray, on power on, it does not display, checked all batteries and they are intact, power enters the xray equipment and leds are on, d cpu board gets power too but it does not still display,.. pls i need help in fixing this problem Reply
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  • Blurring suppressed by short exposure time
  • Low driving noise, ensuring quiet hospital environments
  • Shock-resistant body design
  • Easy and precise positioning in confined spaces
  • Keyless Entry
  • Energy-saving collimator with a bright irradiation field

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