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There are still some neonates who cannot be adequately ventilated with even the most sophisticated conventional ventilation. Indeed, using conventional ventilation with higher rates and airway pressures has often led to an increased incidence of volutrauma and lung tissue damage. High-Frequency Oscillation (HFO) has been shown to overcome this problem whilst still allowing excellent gaseous exchange.

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4 years ago
1220 battery change bios checksum error
The ventilator stuck on bios and there is date set/ checksum error, press F1 to resume or F2 to setup. But how to press F1 or F2 if cannot access or connect to physical keyboard? Thanks.Reply


5 years ago
NO GAS Alarm on Screen
SLE 5000 ventilator giving "NO GAS" alarm , Gases are connected and pressure set at 4 BAR,Calibration of regulator done with external Analyser and set at 40 PSI, Still the NO GAS alarm remain on screen.On removal of Air pressure it gives NO AIR and NO GAS both alarm ..Full calibration done as per the service manual.Please suggest if some one has a solution.Reply
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  • The ability to preset parameters in all modes of operation
  • Powerful HFO with active expiration to cover a wide range of patients
  • Full color, total touch-screen operation
  • Trending of measured parameters
  • Unique, patented valveless technology
  • Integral battery with up to 60 minutes operating capability

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