Datascope - GAS MODULE SE
Manufactured by Datascope

The Gas Module SE delivers state-of-the-art gas monitoring and analysis capabilities

The Gas Module SE delivers state-of-the-art gas monitoring and analysis
capabilities: identification and quantification of inspired and expired Fast O2, CO2,
N2O, and 5 anesthetic agents – Halothane, Isoflurane, Sevoflurane, Desflurane,
and Enflurane. The Spirometry option* provides real-time measurement of airway
pressures and volumes directly at the patient’s airway. Providing impressive
capabilities and highly reliable performance, this leading-edge breath-by-breath
gas analyzer was designed to meet the comprehensive anesthesia monitoring
requirements of virtually every hospital and free-standing surgical center – whatever
its size, specialty, or patient base.



a month ago
Isn't detected by datascope passport 2
Turned on and off , pushed connections can't discover the gas module in the passports 2Reply


6 months ago
Gas Module SE and Passport 2 troubleshooting
The passport 2 monitor says the gas module wont zero-retrying... what do I do? Also, Every time we turn off the Passport 2 the settings reset, how do we prevent this? Reply


-D & M Medicorp, LLC
3 years ago
Gas Module SE

How do you attach the Gas Module SE to a Datascope Passport 2

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  1. Compact and light weight
  2. Provides identification and quantification of:
  3. O2
    o CO2
    o N2O
    o Halothane
    o Isoflurane
    o Sevoflurane
    o Desflurane
    o Enflurane
  4. Fully integrated into Passport 2 and Spectrum user interface displays
  5. Breath-by-breath Fast O2, CO2 and N2O monitoring with automatic or manually controlled five agent anesthetic measurement
  6. Ideal for all environments

Additional Specifications

Sampling Rate: 200 ml/min ± 20 ml/min with sampling line =6 m, under normal conditions
Sampling Delay: 2.5 sec typical with a 3 m sampling line
Response Time: 2.9 sec typical with a 3 m sampling line; includes sampling delay and rise time
Display Update Rate: Breath-by-Breath
Compensation: Automatic for pressure, CO2-N2O, and CO2-O2 collision broadening effect
Warm-Up Time: For CO2, O2, and N2O: 2 min to operation, for anesthetic agents: 5 min;for full accuracy specifications: 30 min
Auto-Zeroing Interval: At start-up and at 5, 10, 15, 30, and 60 min of operation; thereafter,every 60 min
Normal Operating Conditions (after 30 min warm-up): Temperature, 18 - 28°C, within ±5°C ofcalibration; Pressure, 500 – 800 mmHg, within ± 50 mmHg of calibration;
Humidity, 20 – 80% RH, ± 20% RH of calibration

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