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Slide strainer 

The Midas III Stainer is an automated slide stainer designed for use in hematology and microbiology laboratories.It features compact design and microprocessor control for flexibility in staining applications.Up to 30 slides or coverslips can be stained uniformly in minutes. The Midas®III Stainer has nine user definable programs each containing up to 29 possible processing steps.For added convenience, it performs an automatic electronic self-test when turned   on and a mechanical self-test as required by the operator. An optional recirculating Water Bath is available for use with the Midas®III Stainer and should be used in hematology unless a dedicated deionized water line is available.A water bath can be used in microbiology. (Tap Water Desirable For Microbiology)

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-Marc ex-Kidney tech
5 years ago
Wont go lower
Device rest position proper when started up down and left right. But wont go down on program. New up and down motor was installed did work once then issue startedReply


6 years ago
Do you have the schematics to take apart and replce the keyboard?Reply


8 years ago
owners manual Midas III hematology stainer

Does anyone have an electronic version of the owner's manual for the Midas III slide stainer? Can't find one online. Thanks!



  • Specimen slides are loaded into the removable slide carrier, and the carrier is mounted onto the carrier arm of the tower.
  • Stains and fixatives are added to staining vessels and inserted into the Stations on the stainer.  
  • During operation, the tower holding the slide carrier moves from Station to Station according to a programmed sequence.
  • The carrier arm dips the slides by moving up and down automatically every three seconds in the staining vessel.
  • This Dipping Mode can be turned on or off for Stations 1 through 6 by the operator.
  • Temperature adjustable from room temp to 65ºC 
  • When the program is complete, the tower moves back to the far left, its Home Position.
  • The Midas®III Stainer gives an audible beep six times to let the operator know that the process is complete.
  • Staining Control Microprocessor
  • Dipping mechanism ON/OFF selectable at all Stations
  • Available Programs 9 user programmable, 29 steps in each; 1 test program
  • Staining Vessel Capacity 300ml
  • Available Stations 6 in total, 4 staining/reagent, 1 running water rinse, 1 warm forced-air dry or 6 staining/reagent
  • Application Time 1 second to 99 minutes, 59 seconds per program step with 29 steps per program
  • Slide Carrier Capability 20 slides, 3 x 1 inch or optional 30 slide carrier
  • Coverslip Carrier Capability 20 coverslips, 22 x 22mm
  • Rinse Station Flow Rate Application range - 500-2000ml/min
  • Available Options Recirculating Water Bath, Product No. 64000WB-94.
  • Vessels and Lids - Neutral White - package of 8
  • Product No. 64054W-95
  • Vessels and Lids - Black - package of 8
  • Product No. 64054B-95
  • Coverslip Carrier, Product No. 64053-94.
  • Optional 30 Slide Carrier, Product No. 64052E-94

Additional Specifications

  • Power Input:Voltage: AC, 115 volts or 230 volts (external switch   selectable), 50 or 60 Hz 
  • Current: 5 Amps max for 120 volts input, 5 Amps max for 230 volts input 
  • Watts:600 watts max at 120 volts 
  • Fuse Rating:5 Amp x 250 volts for both 110 volts and 230 volts units (5A Amp Max Fuse 5A 250 VAC +/-Slo-Blo)
  • Heating station:Heater:375 watts, AC driven 
  • Blower:less than 15 watts, AC driven (CB1Fan) 
  • Internal Circuit Protection:4 Amp circuit breaker (CB2Heater) 
  • Rinse station:Water valve:24 volts DC, 1 Amp max, proportional valve (CB1Fan, GFI) 
  • Power Output:GFI protected power outlet for external water bath pump, 120 volt AC output, auto-transformer output. 
  • Internal Circuit Protection: 1 Amp circuit breaker (CB1, GFI) 
  • Display: 5 volts DC, max 0.5 amp, vacuum fluorescent display, 2 lines x 16 characters per line presentation 
  • Keyboard: Membrane Keyboard, 20 keys
  • Length: 21" (53cm) Width: 18" (45cm) Height: 15" (38cm) Weight: 28 lbs (13kg)
  • Ambient Temperature: 15ºC to 40ºC
  • Relative Humidity: 20-85% non-condensing
  • Ambient Pressure: 28"-32" (70-80mm) of Hg

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