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Reliable x-ray technology that reduces radiation exposure 

Discover X-Mind Unity, the famous bullet proof intraoral unit. With its elegant style coupled to the cutting edge patented ACE technology, X-Mind Unity brings the standard of x-ray generator to a very new level. Perfect accuracy and patient protection are what no other x-ray system has been able to reach so far. 

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4 years ago
manufacturer: de Gotzen, Italy, presently Acteon X Mind

We have a couple of machines of X Genus intraoral x-ray units manufactured by de Gotzen, Italy, with similar issues. the machine does not come with a service manual instead an operating and maintenance manual. it shows ERR initially, then ERR 01 if anyone can help with the issue, it would be great.

de Gotzen is currently a part of Acteon group and the model has been renamed to X Mind.

Regards Sreekumar

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1. A sharp and contrasted image 

The x-mind unity has a .4 focal spot. It has several configurable radiological settings notably: 

  • The anodic voltage (60,65 and 70 kV)
  • The anodic current (from 4 to 7 mA)

These parameters ensure a sharp and contrasted image

2. Up to 52% less radiation with ACE.

This technology applied to X-Mind Unity allows the Sopix Inside sensor to start and stop the generator, thus avoiding all risk of over exposing the image and patient as well as unnecessary re-takes of acquisitions. The patient only received the necessary dose, adapted to his dental morphology.

3. Ergonomic and simplistic use, designed to your image

X-Mind Unity is pre-wired to allow perfect integration of the Sopix sensor in the future. Sopix inside enables integration without any visible cables. Sopix inside connects effortlessly to the X-Mind Unity without technical assistance within a minute. Exceptional working comfort due to its ergonomically designed holde, there is no danger of the sensor falling or breaking, plus the sensor always remains within hands. 

4. Quiet mind for all with exclusive traceability

The dose received by the patient after each exposure appears on the timer's screen. When using Sopix inside with X-Mind unity, AIS software systematically records the X-Mind Unity settings as well las the effective dose received by the patient for each acquisition This ensures permanent traceability for every patient.

5. Advanced functionality for intuitive navigation 

The Acteon Imaging software offers intuitive navigation and advanced functionality. It alone lets you manage all of your images, from scanning to viewing images from all Acteon Imaging devices (CBCT, Panoramic, intraoral digital x-ray system, intraoral camera, etc.) and much more.

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